LED Lighting for Commercial and Industrial Use
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Why people start using LED lighting in their offices and industries? There should be a reason behind this move. Do you ever think about it?

Have you ever check how much electricity you are using every month? Just check your last month’s electricity bill and compare it with the electricity bill of your neighbor who is using LED lighting. You will get the answer.

LED Lights are cost effective and lower your monthly electricity bill. It is not a single reason why people move to LED lighting there are many other reasons people moving to LED Lighting.
Let’s take a rough estimate, an average usage of electricity in USA is 900-1000 Kwh per month which costs about $90-100 per month. These stats are for Incandescent lighting bulb that we use in our currently. But if you use LED bulb, you will see a huge difference.

For the same, if we use LED bulb which is only 2-6 Watts as compared to traditional lighting bulbs which are 80-100 watts. This means LED Bulbs uses less electricity to lights up. LED Lights uses only 10-20 Kwh, which costs you 80% less from conventional lighting bulbs. Although, buying a LED Bulbs costs more for you but, with the time you realize benefits of LED Bulbs. LED Bulbs are also durable that also reduces your cost of bulb replacement. A quality LED Bulb has lifespan of about 50,000 or 5-6 years. That means you don’t need to change you bulb for next 5-6 years. Imagine how much money you can save.

Benefits of LED lights are not limited to commercial use only. If you own a industry or a factory, you can also save from LED Lights. LED Lights have low maintenance cost as these are Energy-Efficient and durable. These days you can buy specially designed LED lights for your industry. Another benefit of LED lighting for industry is that these LED’s are well designed and don’t fail. You can easily find LED Light Fixtures and LED Lights Retrofits that are specially designed for commercial purposes.

LED lights are fast growing energy-efficient and durable alternative to Incandescent light bulb. It is time to adapt LED Lights in our commercial and industrial use to save our money and make greener planet with Eco-Friendly Lighting.